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Wisconsin Judicare serves the northern 33 counties providing legal representation to low-income individuals. From this page you can find out how Wisconsin Judicare works, if you might be eligible for services and how to apply.


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If you are a resident of our service area or an enrolled tribal member, then you are eligible to apply for Judicare services at any time.  You do not need to have a legal problem to apply.

Find out if you're eligible for free legal help through Wisconsin Judicare.

If you are eligible based on your income and resources, Wisconsin Judicare may be able to provide legal services to you.

A list of our outreach partner agencies

Wisconsin Judicare is the civil legal service provider for the northern 33 counties of Wisconsin and Legal Action of Wisconsin is the legal service provider for the remaining 39 Wisconsin counties.

If you live in Wisconsin Judicare’s service area but have a court hearing or case pending in another Wisconsin county or another state, please contact Wisconsin Judicare to apply for services.

There are two potential sources of client grievances:  denial of assistance because of ineligibility, and complaints about the legal services provided.